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J. Intentional Eating Program  + Marco Polo Check-ins
$ 399.00

J. Intentional Eating Program + Marco Polo Check-ins

Ok gals, the time has come! Find your HAPPINESS through MACRO COUNTING! The 1-on-1, 8 week, Intentional Eating Program is here! And we do it all through the Marco Polo App. This has been in the development stages for over a YEAR and we wanted to bring the perfect amount of useful information in the most effective way we could. Whether you deal with binge eating or just want to be more accountable, this plan is for you! 

This will be the most robust program to date and will include everything the  newbie may need, for that extra push to be more confident in counting or for the macro veteran that has hit a halt in her progress. It is for everyone!!! 

- Personalize Macro Count

- Workouts with video tutorials

- Marco Polo chats once a week and 24/7 support

- Weekly macro checklist 

- Macros 101 and Nutritional Timing courses 

- "The Mindful Minute" and much more!