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B. 30 Day Cut with Quincey
$ 70.00

B. 30 Day Cut with Quincey

I like to call this, the occasion program. We all have that occasion that comes up whether it is a summer vacation or a photoshoot, maybe a wedding or a reunion. This program is unique for the fact that it is short and sweet (and a little tough).

This is the system I use to tighten up for a photoshoot or my summer vacation. It is set for 30 days for a reason and is not a long term "Diet".


- Meal Plan!!!!! (NEW) 

(meal plan is a general plan with macros and you dial in specifics)

- Carb Cycling Macro Count

- Nutrient Timing 

- 30 day Cutting GYM workout program 

- Food Option List 

- 16 Page instruction guide

- HOME workouts Included 

**You will be emailed a questionnaire immediately after check out, please be extra diligent to input the correct email or you WILL NOT receive the questionnaire **